Why you should use Timeline to publish your events

image of home view - whiteThe goal of Timeline is to provide one-stop shopping for event information on campus. For people who publish such information, Timeline aims to provide a single interface whereby you can post to a host of different destinations (web and social media sites), groups (sets of students, faculty or staff), and interested parties (anyone who has subscribed to a “tag” associated with your post).

Even if you don’t primarily want to post into the Timeline app itself, Timeline still provides you with a platform that lets you post once, and deliver to multiple places, at multiple times, in multiple ways. If you are familiar with “Listserv” or other mailing-list systems, think of Timeline as “Listserv on steroids.” Yes, Timeline can be used to send email to groups of people (if you have the appropriate rights), but it can do much more than that. In addition to delivering your event information into people’s Timeline app, Timeline can route your event information to lots of different systems. As email becomes an ever less effective way to reach people (many students don’t read email because they get so much of it), Timeline will give you the ability to leverage other delivery media, and, most critically, require you to enter your information only once.

Finally, the icing on the cake. Timeline keeps track of every post you have made, and makes it easy for you to copy, modify and resend posts quickly and efficiently.

If your goal is to effectively reach members of the Princeton community with your message, then Timeline is for you. Please browse this site for additional information, and do not hesitate to contact our support staff – they will help you to make the “Timeline leap!"