Create a Tag

There may be times when the existing tag set does not meet your needs, and you want to request that a new tag be created. Before you request the creation of a new tag, you should keep these points in mind:

  1. We want to keep the number of tags limited, because people have to be able to easily navigate the tag hierarchy to subscribe or post to tags. This means that there should be dozens to hundreds of tags, not thousands, and any new tags should easily fit into the existing hierarchy. New top-level tags are particularly problematic, because they show up as part of the initial tag list when you go to subscribe (or you go to post), and we do not want people to have to scroll through hundreds of tags to find the one they are interested in.
  2. Tagged posts can only be of one type: events. This is in contrast to targeted posts, which can be of three types: events, deadlines and announcements. If what you want to do is post deadlines or announcements, you might be better served by having an “open group” created, rather than a tag, as described next.
  3. Consider using an open group rather than a tag. An open group is one that anyone can join, and the Timeline can support an unlimited number. Having interested people join your open group allows you to send targeted posts to those people. They will receive all such posts without having to subscribe to a tag. For more information about the differences between groups and tags, please consult the How-To: Best Practices for Posting to the Timeline.

If, after considering the above, you feel that a new tag should be created, please contact the Timeline administrator. Your request will be submitted to the Timeline Oversight Committee, which will adjudicate the request.