A Tag is a named event category or attribute which can be placed on a tagged post, and to which Timeline users can subscribe (express an interest in). Tags are arranged in a hierarchy; top-level tags can have zero or more sub-tags, which in turn can have sub-sub-tags, etc. When a user subscribes to a given tag, they will receive any tagged post which contains the tag or any sub-tags of the tag. For example, “Arts” is a current top-level tag, which contains 5 sub-tags: Dance, Literary Arts, Visual Arts, Drama & Improv and Music. If a user subscribes to the “Art” tag, they will receive any post which has the Art tag or any of its sub-tags. If they subscribe to Music but not to Art, they will only receive posts tagged with Music (or any sub-tags of Music).

screenshot - popup tag selectorA given tag can be either “open” or “closed”. To post a tagged event that includes a closed tag, the poster must have specific rights to include that tag on their posts. To post an event that includes an open tag, the poster need only have the “post to open tags” right. Tag rights are assigned by the Timeline administrator. To see what tags you can include in your posts, do the following:

  1. Click on the My Posts menu item under Publish.
  2. Click on Create Tagged Post. If you do not see this button, then this means that you have no tag posting rights. Contact the Timeline administrator if you feel you should have such rights.
  3. Under Event Tags, click on Add Tag. This will show you a list of all the tags (and sub-tags) that you can add to a tagged post.

To see the entire current tag hierarchy and subscribe (or unsubscribe) to a tag:

  1. Click the My Interests menu item under Profile.
  2. You will see all available tags, as well as all tags to which you have subscribed. You can subscribe/unsubscribe to tags from this page.

If you do not see a tag in the tag hierarchy that you think should be there, please review the How-To: Create a Tag.