Post to the Timeline

The Timeline accepts two classes of posts:

You should send a group post when you:

  1. Want to reach a specific set of individuals based on their membership or role, and
  2. Have all those individuals see the post.

You should send a tagged post when you:

  1. Want to send a post that people will see based on their specified interests as expressed through one or more tags,
  2. Only people who have subscribed to the tags used in your post will see it.

You should clearly understand the difference between tagged and targeted posts before continuing. For more information on this please see the Timeline Overview.

From the Publish tab screenshot - publish tab
(if you do not see a Publish tab, please contact the Timeline administrator).

  1. Click Create Tagged or Targeted Post. screenshot - publish buttons

Post Details:

  1. From*
    Visible only if you have authority to post for an organization, such as a department or office.
  2. Type* [For Targeted only]
    Choose event, deadline or announcement - the default is event.
  3. Title*
    Use a clear name to describe your event.screenshot - popup time pickerscreenshot - popup calendar
  4. Start* [For Events & Deadlines only]
  5. End* [For Events only]
  6. Deadline* [For Deadlines only]
    Although the drop-down menu shows 30 minute increments, you can manually enter specific times (eg: 3:15 pm).
  7. screenshot - popup recurrenceRecurrence [For Events & Deadlines only]
    You can select Daily, Weekly or Monthly.
  8. Location
    For off-campus or irregular locations, select Other. NOTE: This does not reserve the space for your event. You must go to R25 or the appropriate department to reserve rooms.
  9. Description*
    Place the most important information first. In some views, only the first few words will appear.
  10. Speaker
    Name of the person or people speaking at the event.
  11. Audience [For Tagged only]
    Intended audience (undergraduates, staff, freshmen only, etc.)
  12. Sponsors
    Name of sponsoring department or group
  13. Related Link
    This can point to an external link with details about your event, or to a site where people can RSVP, register, buy tickets, etc.
  14. Banner Image Banner image upload button
    • Images should be a minimum of 800x320 pixels.
    • For the Public Events Calendar, if you want the entire image to display, it should have an aspect ratio of 2.5:1 - anything else will be subject to cropping to fit the available space.
    • Images that are unusually wide, and portrait images, are particularly poor candidates; normal landscape images will be cropped as needed on both top and bottom, centered.
    • Always preview your page before publishing it, to make sure the image looks ok.
  15. Banner Caption
    This text appears below the image and acts as ALT text for accessibility.

Publication Details:

  1. Event Tags* [For Tagged only] OR Targeted Groups* [For Targeted only]
    Tags help people find your event.
    Groups lets you select to whom you want to send this post.
  2. External Destinations
    screenshot - popup destinationsDestinations are places where posts can be sent, eg: a Drupal website or Facebook page. They are visible only if you have created a destination.
  3. Publication Notifications [For Targeted only]
    Sends an email or text message to everyone targeted to see your post.
  4. CC:
    Sends an email notification to specific people (not part of the target group) when post is published.
  5. Reply To [For Targeted only]
    If an email is sent (thru notifications or cc:), it directs replies back to an email address different than the From address.
  6. When will the event be published?*
    Select whether to publish immediately or on a selected date and time.
  7. When will the announcement be removed? [Announcement only]
    Adds an expiration date to automatically remove the post at a specific time.
  8. Click Save as Draft or Submit*
    Once posts are saved or submitted, they can be reviewed, modified, cancelled or copied on the My Posts page.