Manage a Group

The ability to manage a group is controlled by a set of rights which can be assigned to various group managers. Typically, the group owner is assigned all of the rights to a group, allowing him or her to completely manage the group. The owner can, in turn, assign various rights to other admins, such as the right to add or remove members, or the right to assign rights to other admins, or the right to change the group description. The complete set of rights, and their definitions, are detailed in the Glossary.

  1. Click the My Groups menu item under Publish.
  2. Under the Actions column, click the Manage icon associated with the group that you want to manage. If you do not see the manage icon, you do not have permission to make changes to the group. Contact the group owner or the Timeline administrator if you feel you should have this right.
  3. If you have the right to add/remove members, you will see a list of group members, with an Add Member link and a red X next to any member names that you can remove.
    1. The Add Member link brings up a search box that lets you lookup a potential member by name or userid.
    2. Select the matching member name to add that member.
  4. If you have the right to make administrative changes, you will see a section labelled Rights and a list of administrators and their associated rights.
    1. The Add User link brings up a search box that lets you lookup a potential administrator by name or userid.
    2. Set or reset the rights associated with an administrator by checking the appropriate boxes.
    3. The meaning of the various rights is covered in the Glossary

If at any point in this process you do not see what you were expecting to see (the Publish tab, a specific group in your list, etc), contact the Timeline administrator

image of my managed groups page