Request a New Group

The Timeline allows authorized users to send group posts to one or more groups or sub-groups.

[Note: students who want to use the Timeline to send targeted posts should contact Tom Dunne in ODUS to request the creation of a Timeline group.]

screenshot - popup groups selectorGroups you have permission to post to appear in the My Managed Groups page under Publish. Contact the Timeline administrator if you do not see the Publish tab (you do not have posting rights. These instructions are intended to create a new group from scratch, i.e., that does not already exist as a Listserv list, or cannot be created through the Cognos process.

  1. Contact the Timeline administrator.
  2. In the body of the email, specify the following:
    1. Group name:
    2. Grown owner:
    3. Whether you want the group to be Open, Moderated or Closed. 
    4. If you would like your list membership visibility to be Public or Private. Most groups are public.
    5. Send the email.
  3. You should hear back in a day or two confirming the creation of the group. 

Once the group is created, the owner(s)/administrator(s) of the group can add or remove members or administrators from the group. Please refer to the How-To: Manage a Group section for instructions on adding, removing, and managing group members and administrators.