Import from Cognos Report

A Cognos report, using data from the Warehouse, can be used to automatically populate a Timeline group. A Timeline group’s population can also be maintained through the Timeline application.

In this document:

Timeline reports can currently be found within the requesting departments package.

  1. Report name = timeline name (exactly)
  2. When creating a new timeline report include all data and counts to confirm the correct population.
  3. 1st column must be EmpID
  4. Once the report is ready it needs to be scheduled on a nightly basis. Add the report to your job.

Note: If a job does not exist see Create a New Job.

Adding a Report to a Timeline Job:

  1. Go to your Timeline job. Under Actions select the Set Properties Icon.
    screenshot - set properties icon
  2. In the Set properties window select the Job tab and then click Add.
    screenshot - set properties window
  3. In the left hand window check the report you want to add. Click the green button to add the report to the right hand window.
    screenshot - checking reports to add
  4. Then click OK. Your new report should appear in the job list.

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Create a New Job

Note: Schedule your job to run nightly before 5pm so the most current data is available the next day!

  1. Go to the location of the reports that you would like to add to the new job. At the IBM Cognos Connection reports page select the New Job icon from the right hand toolbar.
    screenshot - new job icon
  2. The New Job wizard will open. Name your job.
    screenshot - new job wizard
  3. Click Next for this folder location. We want the default location. You have the option to select another location for your job.
  4. Click Add to select the reports you would like to add to the job.
    screenshot - add button
  5. In the left hand window check the report(s) you want to add to the job.
    screenshot - adding the report to the job
  6. Click the green arrow to add the report to the right hand window.
    Click OK.
    screenshot - adding the report to the job
  7. Select in Submission of Steps: In sequence and Continue on error.
    screenshot - submission steps
  8. Click on Set under Defaults for all steps.
    screenshot - default steps
  9. Click on Report options to set your values.
    screenshot - report options
  10. Check specify default values.
    screenshot - default values
  11. The Select default options – New job window opens. Run the report to: Produce report outputs.
  12. Formats:
    Uncheck HTML.
    Check Delimited text (CSV) selected.
  13. Select Save to the file system. Uncheck Save the reports. Click on Edit the options…
    screenshot - default options
  14. The Set options window opens.
    Name: Use the report name.
    Location: Select listserv, timeline, or both.
    Conflict resolution: Replace existing files (default)
    screenshot - report name
  15. Click OK. Click OK again in the Select default options window.
  16. Click Next in the Select the steps window.
  17. In the Select an action – job window select Save and schedule. Click Finish.
    screenshot - select action
  18. The Schedule window opens.
  19. Select the By Day tab and schedule the report to run daily before 5 pm. Click OK.
    Note: you can also disable the schedule on this page by checking the box.
    screenshot - schedule
  20. You will return to your reports folder. The new job will be listed among the reports.
    screenshot - reports folder

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How to Check When a Job Has Run

You can check to see when a job runs.

  1. In the top right corner of your IBM Cognos Connection page click on the Person Icon and select My Activities and Schedules.
    screenshot - person icon
  2. The My Activities and Schedules window opens. You can view Current, Past and Upcoming Activities, as well as view your Schedules.
  3. Click on Past Activities.
    screenshot - past activities
  4. When the Window opens the Activities for the past 4 hours are displayed. You can view the activities for the last 4, 8, 12 or 24 hours, or the last 7, 30 or 365 days.
  5. You can filter on the period of time and also the status. Statuses include: Any (returns all statuses), Succeeded, Failed and Cancelled.
  6. Change the Period to the last 24 hours if you are checking the activities that ran the prior night.
    Then select Apply.
    screenshot - time period
  7. The activities for that range of time will be displayed for you to view. You will also be notified if the job ran successfully, failed, or was cancelled.
    screenshot - activities display

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Viewing Job and Report Run History

  1. Go to the Job for the report you just created and click More, next to the Schedule icon.
    screenshot - viewing job
  2. Select View run history.
    screenshot - view history
  3. This page will give you a history of the job runs.
    1. If the job fails, it will say Fail where it currently says Succeeded under Status.
  4. If you click on the View Run Histories arrow to the right under Actions, another window will open to show you the status of all the reports that ran in that particular job.
    screenshot - status

Since all the reports ran successfully there is nothing to show below in the messages window.
screenshot - report history

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