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Your profile contains the information that Timeline uses to determine which posts you see. Click the Menu icon to access your profile. Menu items include Settings, About Me, My Groups, My Interests, My Devices, and Help.


Settings lets you specify an email address, cell phone number or external calendar (Google or Exchange) as well as change the color theme of Timeline.

By default, your Princeton NetID is used for all notifications and reminders in Timeline. You can elect to have reminders sent to your personal email or you can add a cell phone for text reminders.

Note: This does not change where notifications are sent - email notifications sent directly from the person or group that published the post (not a reminder you set up for yourself) will always go to your primary Princeton email.

To add an email or cell phone number:

  1. Click the Add link in the appropriate panel
  2. Fill in your email or cell phone number and carrier
  3. Click the check mark to save

To add a calendar: 
Browser pop-ups must be enabled to add a calendar

  1. Click the Add Calendar link
  2. Enter your name
  3. Select your calendar type
  4. Click the check mark to save
  5. Once you have saved your settings, you must give Timeline permission to edit your calendar
    • Google: Timeline will redirect you to your Google account
    • Outlook: In permissions, grant write access to the user "Timeline Exchange Integration"
    • Office 365: In permissions, grant write access to the user "Timeline Office 365 Integration"

If you are unsure what type of calendar you have or how to follow the instructions for Outlook or Office 365, please contact the OIT HelpDesk (8-help). Non-Princeton Google accounts can also be linked.

Follow instructions in About Me or My Groups below to foward posts to your calendar once it is set up.

To remove any connection, click the trashcan icon. If you remove your email address it will default back to your Princeton NetID.

Timeline now offers three color themes you can choose from: Light, Dark and High Contrast.

image of home view - white      image of home view - dark 

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About Me

About Me displays your User information and “automatic” group Memberships, and lets you set your Reminder and Synchronization Defaults.

User Information displays your personal information to ensure you are logged into the correct account. 

image of reminder and send posts... iconGlobal Group Default Reminders allows you to set reminder and calendar sync options for all posts on your timeline. This includes posts to any groups you are a part of, any campus-wide events that you have added to your timeline from the Events of Interest and any personal events or deadlines you have added manually. Once you set these options, they are applied to all posts currently on your timeline and any new posts that are published.

Before using Reminders or Send to..., confirm your email, cell phone and calendar in Settings.

Rather than setting a global default for all your posts, you may want to set options for individual groups:

  • Reminders for Tagged Posts sets reminder and calendar sync options for those events that you added to your timeline from the Events of Interests.
  • The Memberships panel displays all groups you cannot opt out of. You are automatically enrolled in these groups because of courses you are taking, housing you are living in or other criterion based on who you are at Princeton. You can set unique reminder and calendar sync options for each group by clicking the icons on the right.
  • Adding these options to non-membership groups (groups you can choose to join or leave) is available under My Groups. 

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My Groups

image of my groups pageMy Groups shows the list of open groups which you have joined, and lets you join a new group or leave a group.

To join a group, click Join Groups, then click on the green + icon. To leave a group, click the red X icon. If the group membership is not private, you can click on the Members icon to see a list of group members. 

image of reminder and send posts... iconYou will also see the Reminders and Send Posts... icons discussed in About Me. Before using Reminders or Send to..., confirm your email, cell phone and calendar in Settings.

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My Interestsimage of my interests page

My Interests displays the tags to which you are subscribed. If you have subscribed to a tag, and someone sends out a campus-wide or tagged post which contains that tag, or any sub-tag of that tag (tags are arranged hierarchically), then you will see the post in the Events of Interest. The display shows the tags you have currently selected (subscribed to), and lists all available tags. To select a tag, click its check box. If the tag has sub-tags, you can click the arrow to see and select any of the sub-tags.

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My Devices

Lists the devices you have used to access Timeline. When you login to Timeline from a device, you can specify that Timeline should “remember” this device — you will no longer be prompted for a password when you next login from that device. If you believe that a device has been compromised, you can go to this display and remove the device by clicking the red X. You will then have to login when next you access Timeline from this device.

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Link to help and how-to pages, contact information and software version for Timeline.

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