What Tags Should I Subscribe to?

The items that appear in the Events section of Timeline are called tagged posts. You receive them because you have selected (subscribed) to one or more Tags (for instructions on how to select tags, see the How-To: View/Update Profile). That brings up the question: to what tags should I subscribe? To answer this question, you need to understand how tags work.

Tags represent a categorization of events. They are arranged hierarchically. At the top level of the hierarchy are set of tags that represent general interest area, things like Arts or Athletics. These top-level tags can have one or more sub-tags, which describe a narrower interest area. For example, the top-level Arts tag has a number of sub-tags, including, for example, Music.

When you subscribe to (select) a tag, you will receive all posts that have that tag or any of its sub-tags. For example, if you subscribe to the Arts tag, you will receive posts that are tagged with Arts, but also posts that are tagged with Music. If, on the other hand, you subscribe to Music (but not to Arts), you will receive posts that are tagged with Music, or any sub-tag of Music, but not to posts that have just the Arts tag, or a sub-tag of Arts other than Music.

With the above explanation in mind, you can now understand the general rule for subscribing to tags:

Always subscribe to the lowest level tags that describe your interests.

By “lowest-level”, we mean the sub-tags furthest down in the tag hierarchy. So, for example, if you are interested in music, but not in drama, you should subscribe to the Music tag, not the Arts tag. If you follow this rule, then you will only receive posts that are tagged with one of your interest areas, or sub-areas of your interest areas. This will reduce the number of posts that you receive, and insure that they reflect your specific interests.

There is one downside to doing this – it relies on posters using tags that represent the specific interest area of a post, rather than a more general subject area. If you find that you are not receiving posts because posters are using higher-level tags, then you may want to subscribe to a higher level tag. You will receive more posts than you might have wanted, but also not miss out on posts that you do want to see. It is a balancing act, once that will become easier to get right as posters get more precise in their use of Timeline.

If any of this is unclear, please contact the Timeline administrator.