Join or Leave a Group

image of my groups pageThe Timeline supports three types of groups: Closed Groups, Moderated Groups and Open Groups. Membership in closed groups is determined by the Timeline system itself. If you are not a member of a closed group of which you think you should be, please contact the Timeline administrator. Membership in moderated groups is controlled by the group administrator(s). Membership in an open group is determined by the end users. The rest of this article will discuss joining or leaving Open or Moderated Groups. To see what groups you are currently a member of go to My Groups in the Menu.

image of join groups pageTo join an open or moderated group:

  1. Select My Groups from the Menu – you will be presented with a list of the open and closed groups of which you are a member
  2. Click the Join Groups tab – you will see a list of the groups which you can join
  3. Click the Join Group icon on the right (green plus sign)
  4. If the group is open you will be immediately added. If the group is moderated, your request will be routed to a group administrator

To leave an open group:

  1. Select My Groups from the Menu
  2. Click on the Leave Group icon on the right (red X)