Controlling the Display of Posts

Timeline delivers two classes of posts, Group and Tagged. You receive group posts because of your membership in groups. Group membership is largely automatic and determined by the system but you can also join open groups. Tagged events are displayed because you have selected (subscribed to) one or more tags.

Filtering Posts

To filter the display in the Events of Interest, you need to manage your tag selections. Please see instructions under My Interests in the View/Update Profile section.

Hiding Posts

You can hide tagged events in your Events of Interest by clicking the hide icon or swiping left on the app. Hidden posts can be revealed again by clicking More in the events of interest and clicking the unhide icon next to the event.

Marking Posts as Done

Deadlines can be marked as done by selecting the checkbox or swiping left on the app. Past deadlines that no longer show in the Deadlines section on the home view can be viewed in the top timeline.

To see deadlines that have been marked as done, click the More button.