Create a Group

Groups come in a variety of types and the process of creating them differs depending on their type.

Open groups:

  • A group that anyone can join.
  • The owner of the group determines who is allowed to post to such a group.
  • To request the creation of an open group with you as the owner, contact the Timeline administrator - if the group already exists you will be informed and given contact information for the group owner.
    screenshot - groups dashboard

Moderated groups:

  • A group that people apply to join.
  • Applications are adjudicated by the group administrator(s).
  • To request the creation of a moderated group with you or someone else as the owner, contact the Timeline administrator. In your request you should indicate who should adjudicate the membership requests if it is not the group owner.

Closed groups:screenshot - memberships

  • A group whose membership is fixed by one of a number of processes.
  • Correspond very closely to the Listserv groups which are widely used on campus.
  • Many of the closed groups are created thru the same automatic processes that are used to create Listserv lists.