Controlling the Display of Posts

The Timeline delivers two classes of posts, Tagged and Targeted. Targeted posts are displayed under the My Calendar and Announcement tabs. Tagged posts are displayed under the Events tab. You can also copy a tagged event from the Events tab to the My Calendar tab.

You receive targeted posts because of your membership in groups. Group membership is largely automatic and determined by the system but you can also join one or more open groups. Tagged posts are displayed because you have selected (subscribed to) one or more tags.

Filtering Posts

screenshot - my interests toggleTo filter the display in the Events tab, you need to manage your tag selections. Please see instructions under My Interests in the View/Update Profile section. The Events tab also allows you to toggle the display from My Interests to All Events. When set to My Interests you will see only events that have one or more of your selected tags or sub-tags.

screenshot - filter buttonTo filter your My Calendar information, click the Filter button on the My Calendar tab. You will be shown a list of groups and tags which are currently being displayed [tags here refers to events you have added from Events]. You can check or uncheck any of these to select or deselect them.

Hiding Posts

screenshot - hide buttonYou can hide any targeted event on your My Calendar tab unless it has been marked as Important by the sender. Click on the event to bring up the event details page. Click Hide in the upper left corner.

Hidden posts can be revealed again by clicking the Filter button and selecting Hidden or searching for the event, clicking thru to event details and deselecting the Hide icon.

Marking Posts as Donescreenshot - done button

Deadlines can be marked as done on the My Calendar tab by clicking on the post to bring up the event details page and clicking Done in the upper left corner. This removes it from your My Calendar tab.

To show Deadlines that have been marked as done, click the Filter button and select Done or search for the deadline, click thru to the details and deselect the Done checkbox.